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アシフ・シャトー先生(Dr. Asif Chatoo) 
BSc, BDS, FDS RCS (Eng), MSc., MOrth RCS (Eng)

Dr. Asif Chatoo

アシフ・シャトー先生は100症例以上eBraceで治療されています。とても有名なDr. Didier Fillion(ディディエ・フィリオン先生)と同じオフィスで仕事をされています。



About Dr. Asif Chatoo

He works in the same office with Dr. Didier Fillion, one of the top lingual orthodontic expert in the world. Dr. Asif Chatoo has done hundreds of eBrace cases and he is now keeping sending us many lingual cases every month from UK to stay up-to-date in eBrace system. You could find Dr. Asif Chatoo's CV in attachment. And please refer to the link below for more information: www.londonlingualbraces.com/team.php